Heart flower bow

Each girl has a childhood dream, a dream about the prince and princess.A fairy tale princess with a cotton dress, draped a dark soft hair standing at Hawthorn waiting for their prince returned, that the head of the bow flapping wings, gives unlimited imagination.    Butterflies dancing fly, jump with the girl’s body kept waving wings, shining in the sun.Kid hair was not born of a good hair, dark and wide, for the good care of the grandmother always gave me two braided tails on his chest, then at the root tails to bring me two clips, two butterfly clip.I remember that clip bright colors, its wings are small beads to wear to do, then there are two small antennae, worn on the head, as long as a move, it’s a pair of wings on a move a bit, like very true butterfly.    Kid a princess dream, dream color is pink princess.The bow is a sign of the princess, so the kid wearing bow clips, hand wearing bow bracelet with bow pattern on clothes, do a full a childhood dream, a dream about the bow.    Growing up is a really annoying thing.No dream, no longer believe in fairy tales, as it has been set aside “Snow White” see “bentonite” to see “Ah Q”, they are a nice life is too poor, no courts, no cake, no more defend his princess and prince.Grown up, sensible, know the story of the ugly duckling becomes a swan is false, is a man named Hans Christian Andersen raised that tale coaxing, the childhood dream was shattered, so no longer remember the beautiful flower like really a butterfly bow.    Time flies, time flies, when a feather from a 20-year-old girl to girl long time, when the ashes of longing love, hate bow from the heart, I suddenly felt like a get something on your head what seems the childish.I remember once to buy clothes, fancy that piece very much, and not only the body but also beautiful to wear, simply put it down, but found time to pay back in a bow, that was not like all of a sudden, and ultimately did not buy , get selling clothes aunt look on in despair.    Growth is a price to pay, there are bows that era have not go back, slowly, slowly, lost in a dream that field.However, the initial beautiful, the most beautiful dream or because some of the details instantly wakes up.    Afternoon stroll alone, to regain a childhood dream in a boutique shop, that with bows dream.  In boutiques around, suddenly heard a little girl’s voice: “Mom, I want that clip, clip the bow.”.  Mom: “Baby, you can not wear the clip, the kindergarten teacher will be angry.”.  Little girl: “Well no, Mom, I want”.  Mom: “good baby, mom to buy you this apple is good clip?”The little girl cried loudly: ‘Do not apples, I’ll butterfly clips’.  Increasing the child crying, helpless, the young mother can not give the children to buy a pair of bow clip.Be they mother and daughter left, I walked over and saw that clip on bow, really beautiful, and I kid wearing exactly the same, that call on the wings shining, as if flying toward me, stared looking, looking forward, he returned to the kid, back to that prince, princess there, with bows dream.    It turned out that some things still will not deteriorate because of time.For example, this would bow dream about, it is still fresh in the memory, the hearts bow still the same, flapping its wings like a real butterfly.    In the end, I bought it on the bow, bought the flower of my heart bow.