Heart full moon

On TV and saw a trapped more than 100 hours after the rescued girls, said one sentence: “Good evening moon ah!”A moment, many people burst into tears.Really, to see the moon again, for many people the earthquake buried, perhaps really wish for.Bless all those who survived!- ① When swallows a tacit understanding in the future if there will be such a tacit understanding?May I ask the sky, it swivel his face, a look of disdain.May I ask the mind, it pondered for a long time, carefully said: “In fate, in fact, a tacit understanding not only your experience at the crucial moment, because you usually lack the love and passion, ignoring the tacit understanding has been with you.”After listening, I ask myself down.That day about ten o’clock, I came out in the newspaper, immersed in thoughts and that newspaper editors discussion topic.Phone ringing woke me, opened a Saint and Emperor brother far away in Chengdu, sent a text message: “Sister, yesterday you have not given me a message?”yesterday?I quickly gave him back to the past: “Kaikai (his online nickname), did not return yesterday, went back on Sunday, is a reply to your.”Soon he received a text message;” Sister, I’m on the road fleeing.”” Flee?”I think it is not the lack of activity brother pocket money, so he returned in the past:” Brother, what happened?”” I’m hard at large earthquake!”This message just as thunder, let my brain quickly came out from the confused state.Can not help but blame themselves for work actually forgot a major earthquake in Wenchuan!Then ask tacit understanding, more mind is shame, no compassion for their multi-point ashamed.Edited safety, raising his hand to ask SMS is sent thumb eleven.Gansu Rangers were the first to respond to inquiries “Who are you?”He received the news that he knew nothing, in a text message and he jokes.Soon enough people to give back, “I have here the distance from the earthquake, but added parents worrying situation.”Chengdu’s brother also gave me a report on the way he was home, and tell my sister bamboo fine, but building is dilapidated.He reminded reminds me forgot bamboo – good writing poetry Hsinchu sister.And quickly send a text message to bamboo.During this time, he announced that all friends including bamboo reply to my message, I also know that they are safe to put the heart, but my sister has not been back next month.Yes ah, here seems a tacit agreement not fully reached.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) receive a text message at noon moon Zen, also asked the sister next month, I told her in reply to my sister sent a greeting the next month, but no news.Afternoon to a place on the road, suddenly remembered my sister at the phone number change monthly, while complaining the big Forgetfulness himself, while quickly send text messages gave her sister the next month.Sister soon next month to reply: Tell me about the situation there is very bad.I put the message back to the moon, she worried, asked me to take her sister greeting the next month.Next month sister returned the message: “Thank you,.I asked her several generations.The situation is not optimistic.We Fortunately, school teachers work together, the children no one was injured, immediately there will be a wave of large aftershocks.We are all waiting for it in the open area, do not worry sister.”So, my sister under the moon, the moon, and I began shuttling messages from this moment, people can not meet, by a small cell phone, reached a tacit agreement in a text message.Second, the full moon night at eight, I do not want to send text messages, dialed her sister’s cell phone next month.”Hello” With a good-natured voice, and I know her sister to contact the next month and a.Sister over the phone the next month the situation at that time told me: about 2:30 pm she felt a strong shaking in the office, my sister said to describe the underground as next month boiling water rolling from side to side up and down the stairs to her where, second floor above the floor of a fracture in the strong force.She realized bad, responsible for their own rush to class, the students arrange safe passage from an ordered down the stairs, and so the children are safe, and she was the last to leave dangerous, came downstairs are soft faded.Hearing this, I not only awe for her!When I expressed my sister says in the phone at this point, nothing that month.She now asks whether in a tent, she replied she was in the car unit arrangement, originally she wanted to go home, but family and friends worried about insecurity at home.She went on to say, she think there has been such a big disaster, she should do something.Inspired by the sister of the next month, I took her concise organize as SMS, because I can not get online, only trust hydrogel condensate that sent poetry forum.Soon, the girl and water contact, told me about a friend of Sichuan.In text messaging, she told me that the affected jars have a lot of pictures, and now the Internet’s friends were all affected areas tears prayer.This feeling from the network of the most pristine deeply shaken me.I hydrogel and condensate discuss how to do something for the disaster area.Night more than eleven, Mei Lu Pak sent him a special earthquake Qilu, mood weeping too much to bear.Soon door case worm called and told me he could not get through the next month sister’s cell phone to inquire about my sister next month.Early the next day, my sister the next month the situation told moon.Soon received a text message moon, she eagerly expressed the idea to do something.I told her I had started to move, the moon’s reply was simply, three words: “Good for you!”Ten o’clock, I came out of an hour poetry forum, where the two back posts about earthquakes, I met in the Kaikai (his safe return home), which asked him to be stricken tight, he told me to find information, because time is limited, I chat Kaikai and made adjustments made to the jars, called on all conditional friends to act, with their own actions to make its own efforts for the disaster area.She said she noon, I found the provincial Red Cross board of the newspaper and the Humane Society of the province accounts, Bank, Information compiled into a text message sent to her and Kaikai, the moon is still back altogether, then certainly my approach just copy the contents of her to go to the forum.I told him in a text message to KK, I should send him to the network.Starting next month sister, the moon Zen, hydrogel condensate, KK, and me, we are doing something for the disaster in their own different ways.We no longer rely on tacit understanding between each other, by virtue of our care of the affected areas of love, heart Chuaizhuo full moon, sincerely want to make their own mind for the disaster area!It was then that the affected areas are still under a light rain, although I have here a clear sky, but the temperature was significantly different temperatures in previous years.Postscript: From May 14 onwards, we have our way to the disaster areas to make their own mind.Now the disaster has not in the past, the task is still arduous earthquake relief.This evening, my sister and again in May to discuss the next step of the practice.Then, dressed in iridescence color of the window’s dim month.Sister and other affected areas where I do not know how the next month, in our hearts, always looking forward to the disaster stricken area as soon as possible in the past, our hearts full moon in the sky at its brightest disaster area.Although not inform the moon, but I know, and we will let her share her understanding and our minds think alike.Note: ① swallows: User name a poetry website