Acute tonsillitis prevention and treatment

Prevention and treatment of acute tonsillitis, Xiao Bian introduce treatments for tonsil you。 After suffering from acute tonsillitis, parents will be very worried about the child's health, since the onset of acute tonsillitis urgent, after the onset of children are more afraid of the cold, the body heat, the problem can be as high thirty-nine to forty degrees, high fever can even lead to early childhood body convulsions, some children will be due to acute tonsillitis and suffered vomiting and other symptoms。 Precautionary reasons induce acute tonsillitis many, so that preventive measures should be multifaceted, can only be effective。 Prevention, basically the same acute rhinitis。
Repeatedly made tonsillectomy should be implemented after the acute phase, in order to avoid relapse。
Treatment of acute tonsillitis: a general infectious disease therapy, so patients should be appropriate isolation。
Bed rest, liquid diet and drinking water, better nutrition and clear the stool, fever or sore throat when more drama, oral anti-inflammatory drugs。 Second, systemic therapy 1.Systemic anti-infective therapy (1) preferred, generally with 800,000 u, 2 times a day, intramuscular injection, can be severe, high-dose intravenous penicillin, continuous 5?10th。
To be done before the injection of penicillin skin test before use when negative。 (2) esters of cefuroxime, 2 times a day, oral。
(3) the above drug allergy erythromycin and other new broad spectrum antibiotics。 E.g., 2 times a day, orally; clarithromycin twice daily, oral。