Heart girl

Two ugly is epigenetic farm.Two ugly very real: Solid, solid, real temper.He was eating, less literate.Laotaibuxiao also light Ding to sleep, loud fart, are presented every move with a sense of dirty.In short words, the lack of a bride with a basket lift car (teach).  That year, the village has conscription task, said party secretary found two ugly: ugly child, the girl married life is not always old girl.Baoge Ming, right, to the physical examination that, if qualified, then join the army training exercise, enlighten me, an eye-opener, but also live up to the world to go back.  Uncle, in I went, I was willing to go, I had long wanted to go!Drone, rough chatter, carelessly, but very firm.  After three years, two ugly demobilization to return home, changed the previous misdeeds, mental competence, like a changed person.Two ugly head also become smart, agile up, he took a construction crew when the captain.A small village a converted schoolhouse, more than half, faced with the completion of the project.That day, bursts of flowers, spring breeze softly, Zizi Wet air, which is a dusk evening.Under Liu Yanmei girl walking in front of the school, recite poetry.I do not know when, two ugly suddenly stood in front of her wood Nana, blush, confused, Pengdao put a piece of paper in her hand, then, the same shy girl shy astringent and walked away.Silly girl, ogle a glance at his back, he fluffed paper balls Yanmei, flower village, kindergarten teachers.She curl Tingting a good figure, a handsome handsome pretty good Lianpan, which is the same as Pizi beauty, her fantasy love song is brilliant, I hope that bodybuilding mighty Prince Charming, her heart started, dropped her arms.However, the dream did not expect, only two ugly toad even the next day in the afternoon, the sun quickly close to the Western Hills, and two ugly face yellow wax, his head bloody surge, his pants stained with mud, full of bright red blood.He was carried to the hospital when a few Han dismantle scaffolding door, it was missed, eyes look a thick wood will hit the Dixia Ren’s body, his desperate rush to go, the people pushed to the side, and he smelled after the hearing, Yanmei quickly helped carry him the door panels, as a nurse, as he was leaning on the side.To the hospital, it helped to wash his wounds, wrapped in gauze, then tears, put his eyes full to the brim.That laughed at him, ridiculed him, and he wanted to pass a Xuanxie desire, this time actually went silently scattered the net.Fantasy love song, in the bright broad rib cage in the replacement of notes, played from the new movement.  Two ugly always in a trance, that chapped mouth, constantly obsessed with complaining, from time to time bursts of roaring, very scary.  Taking the time to catch busy, she always came to take care of him.She then ran in peace, as if a docile lamb.Apply his injury department with a hot towel, to wash his feet, watering with a spoon, carefully and seriously, it is tantamount to serve Wazi.Three days later, two ugly only a wisp of a clear sense of that parted slightly haggard eyes, glanced at his guardian girl Yanmei, creeping lower lip, what want to say, but did not say.  With two ugly aware consciousness, she show a dash of smile, with a little shy affixed to his ear and said: ugly brother, you wake up in the end, the past few days, I can suffer evil, and could not eat, sleep is not real.You, you may not know, in fact, I already silently in love with you, too early to tell you, but always there is no share of courage, the secret has been hidden in my heart.Although this is just a beautiful lie, but this love is still pure and transparent, like a mountain stream, not a shred of dirty.  He never dreamed that at this time, she could say such a thing to him what?You love me!Two ugly for a long time have reacted as though she understood her words, voice sliding throat, vomiting he said, however, very difficult and hardship.Yanmei take the hint, and hastened to get his ears aligned lips.Heard his voice as mosquitoes, Yanmei girl, me, my people crazy, not nerve is not normal, something ridiculous stupid light, hope and understanding.In fact, it is written on paper, not my intention, I am with you to open a joke, was not to remember the heart, when, as the matter went to great lengths, whatever the outcome, the words End, two ugly face that is very painful, oozing eyes sporadic punctal.Yanmei with pure heart sinking maiden, this finally the translated English, bittersweet heart through a blend, myocardial infarction, blocking the throat, head Shibuya.  She leaned over and gently touch his head to him, put warm lips printed on his lips: No, I understand your heart, I know what you’re thinking.Waiting for you from injury, we will go for marriage registration.I had thought well, let’s travel to get married, to the beautiful Hainan, go to Xishuangbanna, to the Tianshan Mountains, to the Gobi desert.But the key problem is you to be brave, hold on!Be sure to overcome all difficulties.Tears scattered to him, her hands pulling his nerveless arm.  And he once again moved to shed tears of happiness, it is surprising, at this moment, actually get the coveted love!He again want to express gratitude, however, that power should have failed, and just shook his head.  After that, the two ugly is still in a trance, still obsessed with complaining, very rare sober.She wanted to use a love, saved him back from the hands of death, however, it seems to be not too much hope.Soon, two ugly dead, dead state was actually kind of happy serenity.Before his death, always shouting the name of the girl Yanmei.Yanmei tearful, inconsolable.  In Liu’s funeral two ugly, almost crying Yanmei became a Lei Rener.She stood a monument to him.That monument chiseled body scribe a line of beautiful words: Tomb brother Liu death of two ugly.That there is a monument at two ugly enlarged portrait, portrait of two ugly, simple and honest trace of an air mighty.  There are a bunch before the portrait of her for him personally picking flowers.That flower child, is so perfectly clean.