Heart in Hulun Buir release

Meng dog day moon, the honor as an educational mission of the Institute of Hunan Education and Science Organization, went to visit the north of the motherland education, have the opportunity to savor the Hulun Buir Prairie in Inner Mongolia.Prairie scenery, just like a beautiful bookmark, forever inserted into my memory.    At 21:00 on August 10, after flight from Changsha, Changchun in turn he took us to the Hulun Buir.Open the door, the wind from the northwest Siberia from afar, with the arid north during a rare rain to wash away our body heat, reveals the cool green grass, she lifted the fatigue of our journey of thousands of miles.Despite the deep night, but City restaurants in the hotel, imbued with decorative Mongolian culture, like a feather gently, flipping our curiosity.Staying just set, and we’ll talk about McCain hotel Mongolian girl Hulun Buir Grassland.Mongolian girl told us: Mongolian ancient plants and animals have become accustomed to life name rivers, lakes, mountains, in the name of the original.”Hulun” and “Bell” is the name of two lakes.The names of the two lakes, then set the property again, Mongolian in the “Hulun” yes “otter”, “Bear” is “male otter”.The lake rich in fish, fish otter is the “support”, Otter is precious wealth of the Mongols.Lake Zerun fieldwork grass, fertile pasture feeding of the plump horses, cattle, sheep, horses, cattle, sheep are the source of food and clothing national grasslands.A natural food chain follow the law of development, the development of the Hulun Buir Prairie.So Jian Bozan, said: “It is not only one of the best Hulunbeier of Inner Mongolia region, since ancient times is one of the best prairie.This has been a historical cradle of grassland nomads.Most nomads appear in Chinese history: Xianbei, Khitan, Jurchen, Mongols have grown up in the cradle, we are all here spent their youth in the history of the times.”No wonder a Mongolian girl told us: they love Hulun Buir grassland, like his love life; respect for grassland here is respect for their.Taste the implications of this, we feel quite with philosophy.    This evening, we remember with longing for the mysterious prairie gradually fall asleep.When a high latitudes of the sun, with dazzling white light through the window of our hostel south thorn awake when the clock was pointing to 4:10, then the home of the South, it is deep night sleep.Wash finished with rounded friends have invited me feel stroll City restaurants Prairie morning.Prairie dog days in the morning, the temperature was about 14 deg.] C.Northwest wind chill brought urinate urinate let us put on thick clothing.Locals told us here daytime temperature is gradually increased up to 30 ℃, but not hot, cool northwest wind always uniform, wear thick clothes also live.But preferably the shaft wear underwear, ultraviolet light, as black can your day fair skin.    After breakfast, we have a line twenty people under the guidance of local guides, tour bus Chi grasslands.When the car Hulunbeir thrown without a trace, we came to the prairie hinterland.Feet set foot on the grasslands, deep grass, soft.Knee-deep grass, ground soft as cotton.We run in the grasslands, jump, roll, like a child playing trampoline, very interesting.We threw herself into the arms of grassland, grassland tenderly hold us.We stand overlooking stationed on its vast grasslands, prairie saw Mangcang grand scale, blend in with the south line of micro Dai blue smoke in.We look around the whole picture, prairie like a big rotating plate, surrounded by drooping blue sky dome-like lid buckle on the plate.People in this dish, there is a feeling like fleas so small, and that the world is unified style, but also gives a divine majesty.Then someone can not help but recite from “Heaven blue canopy, cage cover fieldwork,” the poem, the poem that thousands of years, how many people are yearning for grassland once lifted, remember that in July 1960, tao veteran Mu had poetry tour grassland, prairie left in such a sigh: “blue canopy days before the letter ran, prairie look in a blue circle.Call the Wind companion laugh with language, this truth and reproduced wide.”Yeh as a writer, first and foremost an educator, he was in China suffered three years of natural disasters, when the prairie, his ‘true knowledge’ of the ‘wide reproduced’ Although it is natural expression of perception, but we elderly people could learn to get open mind, difficulties in contempt of open-minded, optimistic ahead of the pursuit of harmony and great knowledge society Polygalaceae.So today, we feel wide grassland, harmony, Bi, such as washing a pure and natural, especially seamless rigorous and sacred, what we touch it?I just feel mind expand to the vast stretch of grassland, thinking of flying in the blue sky and white clouds flowing, my soul moist with emotion of the Yangtze River Delta, a touch of blue fescue, such as washing, plump livestock population group, kissing prairie Munv bright red lips, found that Genghis Khan’s horseshoe ride in battle, north Yin Shannan number of years Manjuan smoke, now in purple dress dancing herd, grazing in whiplash heroic, in a thriving grass, turned into a peaceful, peace and good luck.This is peace, tranquility and good fortune ah, yes thousands of years, the national spiritual pursuit and struggle Journey of grassland, prairie thousands of children are willing to pray and ideal as it gave the.    Is not no mountain grasslands, but pulled out after the Daxinganling mountains westward into the prairie is rounded gentle slopes slow Ridge.This gentle slow ridge not only for grassland, dotted oboo on its dome, looks like a woman’s breasts breast uplift, people imagine it fibrillation sensual, tender and delicate, and glycol milk.I think there’s grass, cattle and sheep, as well as recuperate here who are breast-feeding her baby.    Grassland is not no river, but after the Argun River into the Hulun Buir Grassland, prairie girl dancing streamers, passionate spirit exudes a gentle wave.Especially mergel River Prairie River, the world’s most surprising song on the wide prairie cotton wrapped speak sorrowful, ileum and turns, her long body curved into numerous cuddle posture, nagorye Mau Tso herd, in her gentle embrace like sleeping baby enough milk.    Mau Tso deep in the distance, like stars in the yurt Brightness, sparsely scattered in the grasslands, silhouetted against the sky, the sun and green grass, sparkling.Cattle, sheep, horses, sparsely also a group here, there, a group, or eating, or sitting or lying or walking, not running the race nor, relaxed and comfortable.From afar, like a deep blue sky mottled clouds, disappeared the vision in low wind in the grass.    Rarely see the shepherd, shepherd occasionally some riding wander lazily immediately, while others thirty-two Xixi together.From time to time sent by the northwest wind Mongolian girl pastoral, that generous range of hearty feelings stirring inside, turned into a long trembling tone, with sea grass and downs, waves to pass towards the distant horizon.Phonological sounds wonderful singing their life and love.Singing into the soul of each individual will lead the wine soaked sweet fairy tale, you drunk soft body bone crisp, magic woven daydream.And when you carried away on the occasion, a burst of silvery laughter suddenly crisp sound in your ear, is dressed in colorful costumes followed the girl from the horse passing before your eyes, a friendly bunch Shuaixia passion greetings, put your eye on her suction gradually backs away.    Suddenly, the team burst into praise surprise, turned out to be an old leader easily lay on the prairie.He’s been infected and I lay down.Really it!Lying on the prairie feel beautiful, we can not only enjoy a pleasant youth with soft grass, colored and fragrant flowers gifts, warm sun and cool breeze sent to treatment, but also can feel the celestial dome on the grounds of the heroic.Especially looking at the blue sky of winning.Looking at the blue sky prairie, 1.Put down the 3 million acres of prairie one hundred kilos of body, wings strapped to thinking of flying in the clouds of the occasion, and that is what it feels like ah!That’s debauchery of thought, imagination emergence of freedom and soul.Because the prairie sky, no damage Chongshan Xianfeng pierce the sky, no trees twisted branches chaos leaves the screen breaking mottled shadows printed on the wall of the day, no high-rise buildings with blue sky compete for eyeballs pull saw see-saw, and no city the smell fresh and impetuous interference with peaceful blue sky.In this way, I lay looking up at the blue sky prairie affect Plus, you can enjoy watching the big screen the story of the blue sky is played.Blue screen where the hero is a white clouds, white clouds with its ever-changing interpretation of Zi million state and emit countless mystical fantasy, make your mind even inextricably also too busy to meet.    That day, I saw cumulus rumble stacked set also draws ghosts Five Sacred Mountains, is a “Journey to the West” in Hong Zhang.That white cloud Kito stacked Saga Xianfeng, crag hung upside down hidden gloomy cave, hidden from the beautiful and the hideous Skeleton Demon cave clouds blown in, and then there is the Monkey King drove backflip, round dance Monkey King Bar the battles pomp.In ancient battlefield Fei, a combination of clouds and cloud array, is dapper Ben Fei Fei rapid messenger, it conveys walk Octagon fighting to eat and summoned the emergency information.Clouds is a Unit of the Department of Public flock to the front line.Array cloud is build up a powerful army, they move forward after neatly lined up, are everywhere to be their territory.Prairie array of cloud, presentation of Genghis Khan Yamaha battlefield, drawn by enemy powers Lawrence.    If the array and cumulus clouds give people is dark and powerful, then the cloud was to give people is aloof and elegant.    Piece Miao Ming cloud prairie sky, and after cumulus cloud burst faded mission, sent by the northwest wind angel.Some of them are like a feather, and some like cotton, some like snow in the background of blue sky, green grass and white in the sun too transparent, that wander in the air look, calm, light and Xianjing.Although they are scattered sporadically scattered in the sky, the day has brought poetic, romantic day.There, I saw: Pine wind band, Wang Wei visit the mountains; Silver Spring flood wave, the song spent months Ruoxu.Also found that: Dongting swing boat, Immortal drunk cup; bamboo fence is yellow chrysanthemum, Weng Tao leisurely in.That no matter who, blindly away, when I was not super was disillusioned, Masashi promise by the vulgar talk.    Shen magic clouds on the prairie, I could not help being introduced to the ancient times past its spirituality, gradually, he broke into the soul of Cai stone doors, see Cai stone is mad brush book “Rock Hill prayer room the word”.Lao Chai book reads: “When a man and Italian song good care, transfer to Yao and grow deep.Read the beginning of the spring Wan calyx deep, Baise demon dew, snow onyx, the day Qi Xia Yu, also a territory.The smoke then read Tao Hong hole, cream shake soared fly, horse downhill, swimming landscape scale, also another context.Death of reading and the shining moon, clouds Xian Xian, geese Gao Xiang, rain falling leaves, I do not know why Dan Chong, however, but far too swift.”Yes!It is also a book ah prairie, both all-inclusive and Implications of the ages, when the reading obtained in the overflow, beginning realm of “feeling” Katsuya, “Love” is the color of the mind to accept things; and the realm of the “gas “Katsuya, ‘gas’ was released outside the projected life of the spirit; the end of the territory to ‘grid’ Katsuya, ‘grid’ is the highlight of the universe no insight into the personality of my realm.The Hulun Buir Prairie enter the contact prairie sky, prairie grass, prairie people, mountains and grasslands of the river, not to mention he has known ignorance, people say that we have those who travel there Yin Yu, that is: the mediocre see sensual, physical grid wise, who see only the physical image transcendent Zen.Of course, I say this, nor is the show I found Zen prairie, but prairie Zen influences the chaos of my people, so I still dream supernatant, fresh illusion often, I must mention the word heart notes , truth regardless of light.