Lunar March 27 is what constellation

Lunar March 27 Taurus.Taurus Date of birth April 20 – May 20, belongs to the earth sign, is ruled by Venus.Taurus always gives people a feeling of ease fly, they’re like an ox, a strong desire to pursue the matter, also have a strong possessive, they work diligently, work lukewarm, there is the wisdom of life, is hard work Family.They stubbornly conservative and honest teacher, sincere kindness, while some introverted, not good at communication, strong family values, family and friends are very important to them.  Taurus Taurus people more conservative character, is a slow type of character, not rashness, always one step ahead steadily, stick in the mud, do not like change, stubborn, once identified one thing, not dragged ten head of cattle come back.They are also pragmatic, for the good of the physical world such as the pursuit of money and food.But they are born with depression and stress, but also the emotional stress of hoarders, so the power of the outbreak like a volcanic eruption.Taurus is the twelve constellations of the most diligent, gritty.  Taurus Taurus people love towards the feelings are intense and long, they love so deep, like a person is single-minded.Because Taurus honest, no extra Huahuachangzi, do not like to play the game of love, they want is a long-term deep emotion.Taurus people are willing to sacrifice in love, willing to invest money and time, they are loyal to feelings, will not easily give up a relationship.For Taurus feelings of people are slow, passive, they are not good to take the initiative, steady longing for love, but also to treat a relationship requires a long study period, could make a decision whether to accept.  Taurus Taurus people on career character is very strong, for a sense of security is very important, not willing to start their own businesses, Taurus born to have an excellent appreciation of art, tends Art.Entrepreneurs might not be Taurus will do, they will choose to do an employee.They can not stand the basic necessities unfunded day.Taurus would be a good employee, they like to do things in accordance with the rules and regulations, although well-organized, but always missing some of the new ideas, no breakthrough.They complacent, just secure. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source