Lunar March 23 is what constellation

Lunar March 23 Taurus.Taurus Date of birth April 20 – May 20, belongs to the Earth signs.Taurus is conservative, it is a slow type of character, not rashness, always one step ahead steadily, stick in the mud, do not like change, stubborn, once identified one thing, ten head of cattle dragged back.They are also pragmatic, for the good of the physical world such as the pursuit of money and food.But they are born with depression and stress, but also the emotional stress of hoarders, so the power of the outbreak like a volcanic eruption.  Taurus Taurus personality always gives people a feeling of ease fly, they are like cattle, work diligently, work lukewarm, there is life wisdom, a man of action.They are the twelve constellations of the most diligent, they are like cattle, like, for they have to complete the task, diligently and conscientiously to work, down to earth and never give up.Taurus people are very conservative stubborn, they are for lower ability to accept new things, do not like change, like step by step, do not like change.Their thinking conservative, excessive value for money, sometimes a bit stingy.  Taurus Taurus feelings of love for people who are slow, passive, they are not good to take the initiative, steady longing for love, but also to treat a relationship requires a long study period, could make a decision whether to accept.But once accepted and found each other, it will not be easy to make a change, stay the course.Taurus love for the boys, the boys do not want other types of constellations so active, but their soul to specific, single-minded, this is their advantage.Taurus girls are gentle-hearted, but this does not mean that the Taurus woman is bullied types, most of Taurus, are not silence the outbreak die in silence.  Taurus career Taurus personality is very pragmatic, very stable rhythm, there is a strong sense of professionalism that the economic base determines the superstructure, love also need money to support it, no matter the love is just a mess, Taurus woman can not lose their careers.Taurus men are also relatively strong sense of professionalism, as they do not want their money being tired, so the work will persist in the end, with fortune has been good, hard work there is good income.Taurus people too much emphasis on material, there is a strong pursuit for money.At work should pay attention to refrain runs the risk. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source