Lunar March 25 is what constellation

Lunar March 25 Taurus.Taurus Date of birth April 20 – May 20, ruled by Venus.Taurus people are very conservative stubborn, they are for lower ability to accept new things, do not like change, like step by step, do not like change.They always fly giving a practical sense, work diligently, be a doer.Taurus is the twelve constellations of the most diligent, they are like cattle, like, for they have to complete the task, diligently and conscientiously to work, down to earth and never give up.  Taurus Taurus people more conservative character, is a slow type of character, not rashness, always one step ahead steadily, stick in the mud, do not like change, stubborn, once identified one thing, ten head of cattle dragged back.They are also pragmatic, for the good of the pursuit of the material world.Taurus for money with its own obsession and innate sensitivity, a relatively stingy type, good financial management, for families and people do not like mean.But they are born with depression and stress, but also the emotional stress of hoarders, so the power of the outbreak like a volcanic eruption.Taurus is the twelve constellations of the most diligent, gritty.  Taurus girl Taurus female character somewhat introverted, like take care of themselves financially.Jealousy often afflicts you.However, once they believed was their favorite people sincere love, it will become one of the most virtuous, the most loyal wife.Taurus woman is probably not much interested, talk with you some “metaphysical” knowledge, practical knowledge that she would help to more interested in this life.Their steady temperament, gentle, at ease and work to get things done.The results of their practice, and know how to budget, so you can rest assured that the family spending on each one, they are food for thought after.  Taurus Taurus Boys Boys are more stable and pragmatic, honest honest boys, they like step by step, legalistic life, do not like to be changed, their relatively slow pace is slow, the ability to adapt to new things weak.Therefore, the Taurus boys usually give people honest and honest feeling, emotionally like a bull but upright and lasting.Family values are important to Taurus boy, he was a desire to assume the responsibility of family life with wife meet him, family-centered Taurus male, usually able to bring a reliable and secure feeling to family. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source