Zhang Qin: choose short-term direction of the market next week Note!

From the band defined period, the Shanghai Composite Index is currently only in the middle of the short wave band, or towards the middle of it。 Note that the short-term direction of the market next week selection!Analyzing partial cycle: short tape band, short wave band weight, small short wave band record; bullish trend, 1641 refers to the GEM bottom current bear ultimate point, attention index market characteristics。 Zhang Qin welcome attention to it, and share life: [Message] Zhang Qin wise, good as a warning to others, fool, just as a warning to himself。 No one is born will walk, no one is born will be a singing, experience creating Warren。 Growth path learn to put down six things: 1, the success or failure; a failure once the choice of a mistake on the cause of emotional romance, can really grow up。
2, fame and fortune; happiness is a choice of happiness, to set aside in order to get affordable。
3, wealth; fight but do not grab, longing but not fascinating。 4, hide; silence is the best vaccine。
5, hate; man to be philosophical, pet calmly too, shame is also indifferent。 6, loneliness; it is an inevitable part of life。
Line world, when people know, then know people do not have to explore, to make the probe more than complain; when Appreciating then Appreciating do not have words, words make no friends; when the person in charge, then people do not have the responsibility to make harsh, harsh do it Focus far; when people respect, then respect people do not have to humble, humble to make it less bone; when the people, then people do not have to retreat, back to do the road widowed。
Have vision and can see far; magnanimous, tolerant; have the edge, can be restrained; there is conservation, self-sustaining, in order to cope。
Stocks equal to speculation bill, and human nature is speculation, moderation is king, you can not see through human nature, you can not see through the stock market。 Zhang Qin Kaibo on shares of only one of the words, without meaning to teach others, verbal abuse!Cool your lip service, but tarnish your soul, you do not agree with the place also requested to laugh it off, his mouth Haihan。
[Zhang Qin investment philosophy] "chase sell" the stock market is not a derogatory term, adapt to the market must be the right of the transaction, the transaction that is a trend that we call "chase sell"。 "Chase sell" the stock market is an art of survival, it is a science, how to catch, how to kill, in which the infinite mystery。
100% = stupid pursuit of winning, because winning will definitely pursue this ignores the existence of objective factors, the actual transactions, leading to the birth of the idea of trading errors, and ultimately burned a small surplus。
Pursuit of absolute low price and target price to buy = die, because the trend is down often, low-cost results as well as cheaper, more a question worth considering is: should buy。 There is no market risk, which is not the position, but you intervene in the market place, you intervene in the market position is your risk control point。
Real trading by four words "homeopathy"。 Clearly earned, thanks plainly, earned unclear, must go back for no apparent reason deficit。 Short-term re-stocks, the market forget, forget the Bull and Bear, they want to forget how much money; and remember why stocks up, remember why they buy, remember why Ning also buy loss。 Heavy long-term trend, forget the small profit, forget the bull, forget their existence, remember the trend, remember that a bear market, but remember why wait。
The fear of the market, all the appropriate strategies to market as the center, to respect the actual trend, not doping of personal imagination, always control the risk in the first transaction, the development is already occurring and possible future trend pattern。