Lunar September 28 is what constellation

Lunar September 28th is a Scorpio.Scorpio is the Gregorian date of birth October 24 –11 22, are water signs, ruled by Pluto.Scorpio is very emotional empathy, although on the surface of the clear sky, quiet, but in fact have already choppy, they are very good at hiding emotions constellation.And I can not stand betrayal, once the face of betrayal, betrayer must assume Scorpio endless revenge.  Scorpio Scorpio personality is a set of responsibility, Sixth Sense accurate, mystery, willpower strong, strong domination rainbow night in one of the constellation, is a very difficult to understand, but difficult to access and very mysterious, people could not help constellation want to explore the live.Scorpio belongs to the type Ganaiganhen, but not careless, low emotional intelligence constellation, contrary to their deep thoughts, yet discreet, there is a strong perception, appearance is very cold, giving a inaccessible, frosty feel.  Love Scorpio Scorpio is very specific for love, but once they found each other is the person they want choice, they will give their heart and all the efforts and dedication to treat each other.Emotionally their performance is also very hot heavy, focused and persistent, though courtly appearance, but the heart is rough.Scorpio men if you really like a person, willing to accompany them to go anywhere, despite how tired will accompany them to go, and that is proof Scorpio are very fond of the man.Scorpio girls like loyal, prudent and realistic, life skills and strong men.They love the way a person quite extreme, this is a can not help, they do not care about what others think.  Scorpio Scorpio career dedication pricey, in their careers, they once determined, will be making a good target with amazing ability, perseverance to achieve, no purpose is not to give up, as long as the obstruction occurs, we will use method for removing and shelling, do not allow others to destroy the established goals.Scorpio at work to pay attention to convergence own temper, too emotional and easily make things worse at a critical time.Change their stubborn again, do not refute each other’s views, others save face, then it will not work for others a bad impression. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source