Lunar September 26 is what constellation

Lunar September 26th is a Scorpio.Scorpio is the Gregorian date of birth October 24 –11 22, are water signs, located zodiac eighth house.Scorpio is a sign very sense of obligation, recognized for his friends, they are willing to anything for his friend, duty-bound to try to do anything.They are very strict tone, do not speak ill of others secretly, for other people’s secrets must be tight-lipped, tight not to take the air, it is a good listener.  Scorpio people have abnormal vigor of the emotions, usually appears to be a relatively kind of person, once the outbreak is definitely the type of spewing out, it has a strong deterrent effect.They are naturally keen intuition, there is a strong perception, emotion deep rich.Their deep calm personality, strong-willed, once the set goals will not easily let go, it will not distracted.Scorpio belongs to the type Ganaiganhen, but not careless, low emotional intelligence constellation, contrary to their deep thoughts, yet discreet, there is a strong perception, appearance is very cold, giving a inaccessible, frosty feel.  Scorpio is very emotional empathy, although on the surface of the clear sky, quiet, but in fact have already choppy, they are very good at hiding emotions constellation.And I can not stand betrayal, once the face of betrayal, betrayer must assume Scorpio endless revenge.They want a strong deep love, emotionally their performance is also very hot heavy, focused and persistent, though courtly appearance, but the heart is rough. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source