Lunar September 24 is what constellation

Lunar September 24 is Libra.Libra is the Gregorian date of birth September 23 –10 23, belongs to air signs, in the seventh house of the zodiac ecliptic.Libra has superior aesthetics, there are things of beauty keen to discover the forces, they attention to detail, focus on quality.Libra is very heavy feeling, treat the people around very friendly.Libra is the embodiment of justice, peace-loving, they love the record straight, to injustice like weak come forward to help solve.  Libra gentle and refined, handsome, like peace, the pursuit of fairness and justice, longing and happy life.Libra is very concerned about their image, graceful, reasonable manner, innate temperament is always very unique look attractive, gestures exudes a unique gentle demeanor is very stable.Libra constellation is very tasteful, and this temperament is similar to them, the choice of things, they are all great taste of a class of people, never follow the crowd pursuit of trendy things.  Libra is a constellation of very high emotional intelligence, is a social type of sign, no matter what you do, won the people’s favorite.Their business acumen, eight Ling Yung, and people get along very well.And in art for art and aesthetics have innate sensitivity and perceptive, is very artistic constellation.However, very indecisive Libra emotionally, too many candidates choose, they should weigh about, do not want to hurt everyone, and strive to achieve the best outcome.They enjoy hobbies, like life comfortable relaxed state of high-quality.Therefore, the total body with a few indolent, do not like to work, people are very comfortable. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source