What constellation Lunar September

Lunar September Libra.Libra is the Gregorian date of birth September 23 –10 23, belongs to air signs.Libra talented people with wisdom and keen observation, able to work independently, very careful harmonious life with self-discipline and the ability to restrain himself, not indulging in a hobby or a particular lure, has a good sense of balance.Libra has superior aesthetics, there are things of beauty keen to discover the forces, they attention to detail, focus on quality.  Libra optimist by nature, love and hate, a pacifist, has its own elastic range of things that are not rigidly stick or favor, its action would not be too bold nor too cautious, to think, to accept a variety of opinions.Libra is a constellation of very high emotional intelligence, is a social type of sign, no matter what you do, won the people’s favorite.Their business acumen, eight Ling Yung, and people get along very well.They are the embodiment of justice, love peace, love the record straight, to injustice like weak come forward to help solve.  Tiancheng Nan business acumen, eight Ling Yung, and people get along very well.Libra boys helping them, but rather that they love.They like fresh good things, they treat each girl warm and considerate, it seems like every girl, but just like it, because they do not want to undermine the good relations.Libra girls did not work and perseverance, the target set by the difficulties encountered are generally not move back.Indolent, often a lazy way to enjoy is the fundamental purpose of their lives.Libra girls like to keep the opposite sex affair, in essence, bones or hesitant mood at work. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source