Lunar September 11 is what constellation

Lunar September 11 is Libra.Libra is the Gregorian date of birth September 23 –10 23, in the seventh house of the zodiac zodiac, ruled by Venus, are air signs.Libra is the embodiment of justice, peace-loving, they love the record straight, to injustice like weak come forward to help solve.Libra is very tasteful constellation, the choice of things, they are all great taste of a class of people, never follow the crowd pursuit of trendy things.  Libra Libra character is very high emotional intelligence constellation, is a social type of sign, no matter what you do, won the people’s favorite.Their business acumen, eight Ling Yung, and people get along very well.Libra optimist by nature, love and hate, a pacifist, not rigidly stick to things or favor, its action would not be too bold nor too cautious, thinking has its own elastic range, we can accept a variety of opinions, elegant, fair and impartial.  Libra cause Libra gifted people with wisdom and keen observation, able to work independently to think and work, pay great attention to reconcile work and live in harmony, with a high degree of self-discipline and the ability to restrain himself, will not be immersed in a hobby or lure, has a good sense of balance.Libra people want recognition, they are highly communicative competence in the workplace, but also because to make friends and let you virtually can not come up with their own ideas, you have to learn courage to speak their minds.  Libra in love Libra emotions are part of a combination of active and passive constellation, they are also willing to pay to enjoy each other’s back, Libra both realistic and sensual, like scales in general, trying to maintain balance and emotional life, they do not want to be emotional so, they will not give up his love for life.They sometimes tried to please people, but not to win the hearts and minds of others, but to show his good faith.Libra will become especially attentive after love, becomes home, it will take care of people. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source