Russia's massive sanctions Turkish President Vladimir Putin two earth refused to phone

November 26, in Moscow, the people mourn because Turkish warplanes shot down and killed the pilot and Turkmen militants were killed Marines。 Russians in front of the Turkish Embassy in Russia to protest Turkey shoot down Russian planes。
Turkish warplanes shot down Russian Russian pilots killed in the event Oleg·Paish Cove。
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the 28th, the implementation of large-scale sanctions against Turkey, projects include tourism, trade and personnel exchanges。 On for several hours, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in published before Putin's sanctions make it earthworks fighters to shoot down Russian planes incident "regrettable" events do not wish to continue the upgrade, called on Putin to meet。
However, he did not apologize for the incident。 Sanctions related to tourism, trade and personnel exchanges in accordance with the order signed by Putin, since January 1, 2016, Russia stopped giving part earthwork personnel visa-free treatment。
This measure does not affect Turkish citizens earthwork diplomatic personnel and their families in Russia and in Russia have permanent or temporary residency。
The Russian government also demanded that Russia must stop travel agency offering tours Turkey products; interrupt charter exchanges between Russia and Turkey。 Turkey is a major overseas tourist destination for Russian tourists。 Earlier Russian Foreign Ministry has warned Russian citizens, Russian warplanes were shot down events will affect Russian-Turkish relations, and should be avoided to Turkey。
Putin signed the order also includes Russian companies or employers January 1, 2016 shall not employ Turkish citizens began。 In addition, Russia will ban the import of Turkish goods series, is preparing a list of embargo。
Russia's Interfax reported that the Russian government may publish this list on the 30th。
Turkey's main commodity exports to Russia include food, clothing and agricultural products。
The Kremlin said that these measures are taken "for security reasons", "protection against criminal acts against Russia."。 Russia will also strengthen the monitoring of Turkey's transport operations in the territory of Russia。
Before Putin signed a decree Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry·Peskov said: "Russia facing unprecedented challenges。
Naturally, Russia's response commensurate with the challenge。
"Putin Erdogan twice to reject a call a few hours before Putin signed orders sanctions, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a speech, to shoot down Russian planes again defended the practice for the Turkish side, also criticized Russia's military action in Syria。 However, Erdogan's previous attitude softened, expressed "regret" for the Russian fighter was shot down。
"I hope that such incidents will never happen, but it happened," Erdogan said, "I hope it will not happen again。
"Erdogan also want face to face dialogue with Putin during the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris, France。 "Confrontation is not good for anyone。
For Turkey, Russia is an important country and vice versa, "he said.。
However, Erdogan apologized and did not meet the requirements proposed by the Russian side。
When asked why Putin twice refused to answer a call from Erdogan, Putin's aide Yuri·Ushakov, 27, said: "We have not seen the Turkish side willing to express regret to the basic aircraft incident。
"The Turkish government also issued 28 travel tips for Turkish citizens, it is recommended 'before the situation further uncertainty', Turkish citizens to avoid travel to Russia。 (Feature articles·Xinhua International Client) ■ response to Turkey: sanctions can only be "exacerbating the problem" in Turkey after the Russian president for sanctions so that release, a Turkish official told Reuters reporters that Russia's sanctions will not help ease tensions between the two countries, only can be "exacerbating the problem"。 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had also called on both sides to Russian soil a more constructive way to deal with this crisis。
"Confrontation will not let anyone happy, just as important as Turkey, Russia, Turkey also important for Russia," Erdogan said, "We can not let each other disappear from the horizon。
"In addition, the Russian presidential press secretary Peskov 28, in an interview to Russian media are set forth in the face of Russia's position on a number of statements of the Turkish side。
For speculation that Russia may launch this invasion of the Turkish side, Peskov responded by saying: "It sounds like a theater of the absurd。 "However, Peskov said the Russian fighter shot down Russian-Turkish relations event of damage difficult to repair," Russia has been an unprecedented challenge to respond to this threat made commensurate。
"Peskov said, shoot down Russian planes from the point of view, it is difficult to predict the behavior of the Turkish authorities。
He called on the countries concerned to exert influence on Turkey to "ensure that the Turkish side to show a certain degree of predictability," "can not shoot down Russian planes, can not attack Russia," according to Xinhua News Agency ■ dynamic Turkish Prime Minister: Russian pilots will return the remains to be shot, according to foreign media reported that Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu, 29, said last week in Turkey to shoot down Russian Su-24 fighters were killed in incidents of Russian pilots body will be handed over to representatives of the Russian。 Before traveling to Brussels with EU leaders meeting, Davutoglu told the media: "This sacrifice of pilots remains of last night (28th) we are receiving in the Syrian border。 "Davutoglu added that a representative of the Russian and a Turkish military representatives will fly to the southern province of Hatay to complete the transition process as soon as possible remains。 24, Russian pilot Konstantin·Mullah gold and Oleg·Paish Cove Driving Su-24 in Turkey and Syria near the border mission was shot down by the Turkish Air Force F-16 air to air missile launch。
Fighters in the Syrian side crash, two pilots ejected immediately escape。
However, Paish Primakov was in Syria armed opposition in Turkmenistan during the fire attack killed parachuting。
Another pilot Constantine·Mullah gold was later Russian special forces teamed up to rescue Syria。 According to Turkish NTV television reported later on the 29th, Paish Cove plane carrying the remains of the pilot and land the plane had left Russia on behalf of the province of Hatay, Ankara。 Russian Embassy spokesman Igor Turkey·M good Primakov told the Russian news agency correspondent, the Russian ambassador and librarians will be greeted at the airport, the specific time to return the remains undetermined。 (Zong) Original title: Putin signed a presidential decree to start sanctions against Turkey。