Experts thousand Yuan pictures red rice Note 5 10:00 today started selling thousand Yuan "bucket machine" 1099 yuan

  [TechWeb reports] millet red rice Note 5 Jingdong officially on sale today at 10 am, priced at 1099 yuan (B + 32GB), 1399 Yuan (B + 64GB), 1699 Yuan (6GB + 64GB) Interested friends can make purchases directly in Jingdong official。
  Note 5 for red rice is not very understanding friend, you can view the network to bring you the world of evaluation and reward。 (Figure reward: HTTP: /// picnews / Gallery / March 19, 2018 / # g225239 = 1, Reviews: HTTP: /// Telephone / March 20, 2018 /) red rice Note 5 is equipped with a rear 500 million pixels 12 million pixels dual camera program, DualPD dual core focus can bring rapid and accurate focus technology。
Large pixel can make dark pictures clearer light。 13 million front camera when selfie can bring AI algorithm based on the background blur effects。 Front HDR and soft light design makes this thousand Yuan masters have a pretty good camera front selfie effect, even if it is lit shots can also be very clear。
  Red rice Note 5 intelligent beauty of AI technology can be optimized regionalization of beauty for the face, different strategies depending on the beautification of the face area。
for example?To shine effect type area, full face acne effects and intelligent technology to optimize the natural rhinoplasty。
AI beauty technique while using the front and rear in the portrait mode。   In addition, red rice has the AI Note 5 Face Unlock, recognition speed but also have a certain degree of security。
MIUI9 is equipped with full-screen smartphone design millet global gestures, in use, you will get a very good experience。