You often go abroad: Countries plug Daquan stay away, do not worry

December 5 electric went out to play a lot of people made a detailed Raiders, collecting a variety of points of interest, routes, hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc. Be specific, but there are things you often can be ignored。
For example: the issue of a socket did not expect direct with the data cable charger charging when needed and left to wait until dumbfounding!Rectangular, rhomboid, circular……In addition to the socket shapes, the voltage of each country are very different: In general, the world indoor voltage electricity is used in general, there are two: 100V, respectively?130V, and 220?240V two types。
Frequently Country Voltage type: 100V: Japan, South Korea; 110?130V: China, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon and other countries; 220?230V: China, (200V), United Kingdom,, France, Italy, Australia, India, Thailand,,,, Spain, Greece, Austria, the Philippines, Norway and other countries。
South Korea South Korea Hotels outlet does not provide toothpaste, toothbrushes, slippers, and other personal items, we need to bring their own estimates are that we know。 South Korea voltage is typically 220V, 220V and general hotel available using 110V power supply, basically China's home appliance can be used normally。 But South Korea belong to the German standard socket outlets, belonging to the two hole plugs, you need to buy the German standard plug conversion?Best to bring your own, because too many people staying in a hotel, the conversion plug is likely to take over, so he took the most convenient。
US conversion plugs Description: America's voltage is 120 volts 60Hz, the US standard plug, the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries use, is characterized by a flat round two。
Still looks very complex feeling, the proposed small partners good to know in advance whether the hotel with a converter, not the best self-oh!Europe adapter plug Description: European standard plug for use in Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and South Korea and other countries, is characterized by two round; German civilian supply voltage is 220V ± 10 %, 50 Hz, and the same China。 It can be said to buy "German standard" plug conversion time of purchase。 UK Plug Adapter Description: British Standards plugs in the UK, India, Pakistan, New Zealand and Hong Kong, China and other countries use, is characterized by three square head; in addition there are 2 pin socket Britain, generally used for electric shavers, V degree is relatively small not suitable for China's electrical voltage。
European standard plug more, as well as Italian standards, Switzerland standards, etc.。 Prepare some suggestions, just in case!South Africa conversion plug Description: South Africa standard plugs used mainly in South Africa, characterized in that three round。
Voltage and China are the same, so many appliances are able to use。 In fact, a few feel exit sister mobile power is also a good way to bring a!The world and the voltage conversion plug controls: Common names of the States voltage plug standard parts of Japan –100v– feet flat type / feet flat + round ground pin China –220V– feet flat type / character type Korea – 220V – Hong Kong –220V– feet round three-legged tripod flat-type flat-type –220V– Australia New Zealand –220V– –240V– character type character type Vietnam –120 / 220V– feet round Thailand –220V– type and flat-type flat-type feet / feet flat + round ground pin Malaysia Singapore –220V– –230V– three-legged tripod type flat-type flat feet flat Philippines –220V– type / feet flat + round ground pin round India, Indonesia –220V– feet flat type –230V– tripod / tripod US –120V– feet flat round type / feet flat + round Canada –110V– feet flat ground pin type / feet flat + round ground pin (UK-Times) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。