A diagram Secret Samsung 2018 QLED new TV highlights

Samsung QLEDTVQ9F aimed at creating a more stunning picture quality, Samsung's new QLEDTV 2018 with a full array backlighting technology (DirectFullArray) to ensure that there is a perfect brightness of the TV screen presentation。 The whole array of light reflected back (bloom), and the halo phenomenon (haloeffects) on a television screen effectively alleviated, thereby presenting deeper black and bright white, to create a more profound contrast。 Anti-reflective (anti-reflection) technology not only to protect the stunning picture quality consumers can enjoy QLEDTV almost from any angle, also brought more strong contrast to the TV screen。 Samsung TV Q engine (QEngine) technology can screen content automatically upgraded to Ultra High Definition (UHD), so as to enhance the visual sense of immersion when watching consumers, this new technology will be applied to a television screen 75 inches or greater level of。   Changes in more style Samsung QLEDTV new products based on innovative technologies brings。 Environment-screen mode (AmbientMode) as an energy-saving options to achieve the perfect presentation screen TV at the same time, but also show real-time information such as weather or news。
For complicated cable TV problems, Samsung made simple and effective solution – minimalist invisible connection (OneInvisibleConnection), cable and data cable by one, so 2018 QLEDTV new more harmonious and elegant integration into the surrounding background Environment。   Samsung Bixby intelligence platform debut at the 2018 New QLEDTV。
Users can be made by voice to Bixby1 issue, issuing instructions to implement basic TV control and intelligent home appliances and a series of functional operation。
Consumers can SamsungConnect their new Galaxy phone sync to the TV, to help customers achieve a wider range of products manipulated by smart home technology。 In addition, global search QLEDTV new products (UniversalGuide) feature allows users to search more convenient to play content from TV and other connected resources, all the time to enjoy a personalized viewing experience。
  A figure below for the Samsung 2018 series of new exciting features QLEDTV。