2-year-old child fever convulsions, pour throat open with his family actually aid!

  "New Year's Eve, 2-year-old child, the family in order awaking, actually into her mouth filling half a glass of boiling water, then we can imagine, this child scalded mouth all swollen lips takes a donkey, the key is laryngeal edema difficulty breathing, one to respiratory failure, weak heartbeat……"。   Children are the most common symptoms, most parents also worry about a thing, baby fever general, there must be inflammation, fever, though not a good thing, but not necessarily a bad thing oh!This is precisely the body's protective response.  Children pay attention to drink plenty of water, less than a child's temperature ℃, please try to use physical cooling: warm sponge bath, ice or paste head with fever.  The principles of what is a manifestation of the disease, is a symptom, rather than a separate disease.Therefore, the heat can not simply focus on the fever, but should actively look for reasons fever, treatment of primary disease.  Generally speaking, the reason can be divided into infectious and non-infectious factors Factors.No matter what kind of factors leading to fever, we do not need to be given cooling treatment principle.As the temperature rise is a natural defense reaction of the body, it can increase the antibody synthesis, enhanced phagocytic activity, and sometimes help determine the diagnosis and prognosis.If the fever improper handling, it may dampen the body's natural defense capabilities, and may mask the symptoms and delay diagnosis and treatment.  Even so, for hyperthermia or persistent high fever in children, in order to avoid causing brain cell damage and adverse effects due to excessive increase in body temperature can cause, or the need for appropriate measures to cool down.In particular, there is the past history of febrile seizures in children with high fever and extreme irritability in children, to take timely measures to cool down is still very necessary.  Conventional cooling measures have Two Clinical Tanyue a physical cooling is a cooling drug.Specific application which cooling methods as well, should be determined according to age of the patients, the degree of physical and.  The drug should not be used to cool the neonatal period, neonatal body temperature regulation yet to develop improved.Infants general infection-induced fever is best to adopt the appropriate physical cooling measures.But children with measles and other rash illness should not be used cold compresses and alcohol sponge bath cooling, to avoid skin irritation, rashes influence through the hair.Drug doses do not need to focus too much cooling, so as not to cause the collapse of children with excessive sweating or electrolyte imbalance.Many common types of pediatric antipyretic drugs, aspirin or paracetamol generally choose.Paracetamol There are many different forms, it is suitable to take.Its trade name has one hundred Ning, Tylenol, Angaur hot, drop Qing.Paracetamol antipyretic effect quickly and reliably, fewer adverse reactions, no significant irritation to the gastrointestinal tract, it does not cause blood clotting disorders.But occasional allergic reactions, skin rash.Or a large number of long-term use may cause hemolytic anemia and kidney damage.Aspirin rapid cooling effect, but long-term use can cause gastrointestinal side effects, and can inhibit platelet aggregation caused bleeding, a small number of allergic reactions can occur in children.  Cold or sick children, often fever, poor appetite, parents need not worry too much, must be reasonable diet conditioning, can maintain normal growth needed to promote gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite and promote physical rehabilitation.  Ultra low heat heat heat into 41 or more common diseases including respiratory and digestive system caused children (also infectious and non-infectious min) method is accurate physical cooling: using 35% to 45% rubbing alcohol or warm water bath, where mainly the large blood vessels, such as the forehead, neck, armpits, groin and thigh, so that to achieve the effect of temperature retire.。