Homemade practice nutrition practices sauerkraut sauerkraut

Nutrition practice sauerkraut, sauerkraut and it took a special kind of method successfully preserved food, pickled way of eating is also a great stress, then the practice of nutrition sauerkraut, what does tell us something about nutrition practice small series of sauerkraut。
Sauerkraut sauerkraut fans nutritional approach frozen material: frozen tofu, sauerkraut 350 g, 150 g pig fat fat meat, vermicelli, parsley, frozen tofu 150 grams of chopped green onion, pepper, salt, ginger。
Step: 1, frozen tofu cut into pieces of 2 cm square, the lower boiling pot boiled thoroughly, rinsing with cold water and then cold。
2, soft fans with warm water, cut into 20 cm long segments。
An outer layer to help sauerkraut old, by the help of the sheet portion of the sheet into a thin long sheet shred, shredding cut uniformly as possible。
3, parsley wash and cut small disc mounted stand。
4, take a pot, the code sauerkraut, fans put down into tofu, insertion of vegetable broth, or water-impregnated material。 5 of sauerkraut nutrition practices, lit wok, add the right amount of salt, pepper, cooking oil and then add cooked pot, the fire to boil, and then into the fire (cooker 1000W) stew for 20 minutes, 1 minute ago pan , put the pot on the parsley segment dish, flavored aroma。 Pickled cabbage soup fans。