The prostate is a man "life gland" to see this place to know whether health!

  Prostate as a man of "Life gland", important in a man's body organs。
But the men's "old acquaintance", has been reported that in a man's life, about 50% of people suffering from a variety of reasons prostatitis。
Why do men prone to prostatitis?How to judge their own good prostate?  There are three major causes of prostatitis prostatitis incentive 1.Virus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, bacteria, spirochetes, fungi, and other microorganisms Trichomonas various pathogenic microorganisms are pathogenic。 The resistance of patients suffered serious losses, fungal prostatitis。
The main pathway is generated prostatitis urinary tract infections, urinary infections ascending from the prostatic urethra into the prostate gland retrograde spread, causing inflammation have bacterial。   Prostatitis incentive 2.Life is not normal sexual life factors, such as 性生活过频, masturbation, sexual life excessive drinking, sedentary, cycling, horseback riding and other cross-action, can cause prostate congestion, closely related to the pathogenesis。 The reason interruption, excessive sexual suppression can cause prostate congestion, are induced prostatitis。
Generally, the cold can cause prostate sympathetic nerve activity, leading to increased pressure within the urethra, hinder excretion, prostate tube is also impair the drainage due to shrinkage, resulting in deposition bloodshot。 In addition, the number of prostate massage frequency is too large, excessive force, but also can cause prostate congestion and edema。
  Prostatitis incentive 3.Psychological anxiety, impatience, depression and other unhealthy psychological activities could cause deterioration of the body's immune levels, such as experiments show, With a long-repressed emotions, his blood immunoglobulin levels lower than normal, he was suffering from a cold , ulcers, prostatitis, and even the possibility of cancer is much greater than the normal。
  There is no prostatitis, two signals may be self 1.Pain: the common parts of a perineum, lumbosacral and lower abdomen, it will be accompanied by anal。   2.Voiding symptoms: such as urgency, frequency, incomplete emptying, and abnormal urethral secretions。
  Of course, if two or more difficult to determine the symptoms, can be diagnosed by ultrasound acetate, normal prostate examination。