Cervical discomfort every day to do two minutes of cervical operation, save your neck!(1)

  Brush down the phone, sedentary all day long, so long, painful stiff neck。
Turn neck "quack" sound, little attention stiff neck, dizziness, headache……Your cervical spine problems have emerged, severe cervical spondylosis and even affect the walk, leading to paralysis!To alleviate, many people turn to massage, but experts said that patients should not have cervical discomfort blindly massage。2 minutes, office workers, students apply the party, relieve neck pain, try fast?How to relax the cervical spine?  Section 1: stretching 🙁 standing, sitting can be) held up a fist with both hands, and took a deep breath and chest, hands held straight to the head after a pause 3-5 seconds, then slowly put down his hands from both sides of the body, down side, at the same time slowly exhale。This action do section 1-2; note that the regulation of breathing, aside distractions, remember controlling relaxing of the body。
  2 Note stretching his body, gently bend to 90 degrees, the same two arms stretched to imitate the flight of Mirs, but do not want to head up, the higher the better, adhere to 5 minutes。This action can help you increase the toughness of cervical muscles。
  Section 2: shaking his head placed brain 🙁 standing, sitting can) pay attention to action this section must be slow, can not do without the direction of chaos rocking his head, not excessive force, otherwise the soft tissue of the neck may have caused damage, and there will be the feeling of dizziness。Grasp the intensity and action on the natural angular size as well, not far-fetched。  Section 3: rub soft waist 🙁 standing, sitting can) two two palms on the waist, left hand clockwise (right hand while counterclockwise) ring 12, after a pause for 5 seconds, 12 with both hands again just opposite rotational direction ring。This action is repeated 2-4 times to do。
After rubbing the waist, your waist will obviously feel warm, this is to clear the stiff muscles, a warm-up for the following actions。
  Three simple actions, you may as well leave at lunch time seat shilly-neck, waist stretch, between colleagues can help each other and squeezed the shoulder and the like, not only can reduce neck pain, can also enhance each other oh feelings。