Eye protection can eat pistachios!(1)

  Zeaxanthin and lutein content Total 1160 g / 100 g, in terms of the relative content of foods in peanuts, melon seeds mostly less than 50 g / 100 g。
Zeaxanthin and lutein (pigments in the macula area of the retina of the eye) are carotenoids, have a good effect on the protection。
But fat, high heat, should not be excessive, 50 grams per week is appropriate。  Efficacy and effect of warm, spicy, astringent; Warming warm spleen, replenishing wasting, cis transfer gas can be the treatment of neurasthenia, swelling, anemia, malnutrition, chronic dysentery embolism。
  1.Remove pressure lowering arginine-rich, it can not only alleviate the occurrence of atherosclerosis, helps reduce cholesterol, but also reduce the risk of heart attack, lower cholesterol, relieve acute stress reaction, etc.。
  2.Eyesight purple fruit clothing, contain anthocyanins, which is a natural antioxidant, and emerald green nuts are rich in lutein, which not only can anti-oxidation, but also to protect the retina good。  3.Pistachio diet eat 28 grams a day, probably about 49, not only do not worry about fat, but also help control weight。This is because the feeling of fullness usually takes 20 minutes, eating pistachios may extend the time consumed by shelling, gave people a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, thereby helping to reduce food intake and weight control。
  4.Anti-aging nutrient-rich, its seeds contain about 20% protein, 15% sugar?18%, can also extract oil。Nuts also contain vitamin E, has anti-aging effect, can enhance physical fitness。  5.Laxative due pistachios are rich in oil, it is a laxative effect, helps the body detox。  Daquan eat yogurt yogurt because the lactose in the milk and protein degradation, particularly conducive to absorption, has always been a very food。After we crushed nuts can be added to Stir in the yogurt, pistachio nuts out yourself DIY yogurt, at the same time to fully absorb its nutrients can lead to better taste, sweet and sour, crispy charming, more nutritious。  Kidney bean salad vegetable material heteroaryl pomelo: 30, random pomelo, 1 tablespoon red kidney beans, lettuce heart 2 small pieces, carrots sweet corn + + 3 tablespoons sweet peas。1 teaspoon concentrated orange juice, 2 tablespoons salad dressing。Practice: pistachio peel, lettuce control dry cleaning, break it into small pieces peeled grapefruit, red kidney beans drain backup。The carrots sweet corn + + sweet peas after boiling water, drain water on lettuce, then drain the water into the red kidney beans。
To add some moist and juicy taste, adding pomelo。Salad dressing in a small bowl, add 1 teaspoon orange juice concentrate。Mix well modulated into orange salad dressing。The orange pour salad dressing ingredients in the mix uniformly, and finally added pistachios, so that it can be well preserved dried crunchy texture pistachio。Coupled with a little salad dressing when eating this salad is not only nutritious, delicious and refreshing, especially suitable for human consumption in the summer。
  Chocolate California practices: the shell, remove the nuts stand。
Chocolate, chopped into small bowl into the hot water impermeable melted, add the rum and less Xu Baili absorbed by adding nuts stir happy。Then remove the chocolate before solidification on a block with a spoon in foil, placed in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to remove the cut。
The market can buy pistachio chocolate but DIY, simple and increase the fun, especially can also enjoy a snack that is nutritious and delicious produce their own king, fun。