US researchers said the annual salary of 9.50,000 US dollars were "the happiest" (1)

  Can money buy it?According to foreign media reports, the answer to US researchers at Purdue University is: can。From an international perspective, the annual salary of million dollars of the happiest people。Sometimes make too much, but there will be "side effects"。  Come from a to do more running, circling, Rush, swimming and other sports activities。These activities are one of the effective measures to resolve the bad feelings。  Second, the sun。The famous psychiatrist Muller pointed out that the sun can improve depression in the patient's condition。  Third, bananas。Germany Pader nutrition professor psychologist found that bananas contain a substance can help the brain produce serotonin ammonia, which can reduce the secretion of hormones bad, people quiet, happy。
  Fourth, cried out。Find a secluded location, enjoy crying out loud。
Research psychologist Japan found that crying can get depressing psychological enjoy venting, while the toxins produced by negative emotions, but also "crying out"。
  Fifth, sleep well。Sleep helps to overcome bad mood, stabilize heart of inner peace。
Wake up, it will feel much better。
  Sixth, listening to music。
Music can make the brain produce a sedative substance, but should be selected "the right path" music。  Seven, grass。
Flowers and colors and smells, emotions have a mediator role。  Eight, landscape view。
Mountains, joy of spring, you will be placed in a better situation, the mood will be "happy" of。  Nine, playing puppet。
The puppets labeled yourself not liking the person's name or the name of the event, then hit hard。Later, people no longer feel oppressed, will naturally feel better。
  Ten, shower。
In the bath shower can produce active molecules in a soothing, unhappy, we might wash shower, after the set will be an easy。We hope that these measures will help to you。