99-year-old announced longevity: a simple three words!(1)

  The story centenarians, often in the news, so that you envy。
All this is how to achieve?What is the key to the elderly can maintain vibrant is it?You want longevity, you must let the various organs of the body are to slow down aging, maintain the vitality。
Among them, bones and muscles are not old, not old function, the mood is not the old, the three key elements to ensure the longevity。
  Three "old" secret: moving too happy, never old bones。  Life is movement。
To select one or two elderly people for their own exercise can stimulate physical activity, slow down aging, but also help to enhance health and improve immunity。
Movement for bones also benefit, related to each other bones, tendons to bone with support, protection, cushioning effect, while exercising the same muscles practice, when tendons become more tough, the bones will be able to play better protection, prevent fractures。
  Fifties and sixties in the elderly may be selected slightly larger motion amount of motion, such as exercise, play, dance, tai chi, exercise to sweating slightly better; seventy or eighty years old to be appropriate to reduce the amount of exercise, the most walking is good exercise, you can go out for a walk for half an hour in the afternoon three or four points, the amount of exercise to feel relaxed, happy is appropriate。When the weather is bad, arms thrown at home, bending, leg, is also a good sport。  Eat a balanced, functional never grows old。
  Digestive function gradually weakened elderly, to find a way to do more nutritionally balanced。
Centenary birthday, the economist Dr. Chen Hansheng, daily diet adhere to the "Three Ones": the morning to eat an egg at night to drink a glass of milk, eat an apple a day, three meals a day and more vegetarian, less meat。The elderly but also as a reference, eat meat every day, eggs, milk, but not too greasy, do not taste too。
  Yams, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, milk, honey, bananas, oranges, apples are more suitable for the elderly food。In practice, to be based stew, stew rotten relatively soft, light, easy to digest。
Elderly family health history are very respected porridge, porridge known as a "world first nourishing food."。Porridge easy to digest, absorb, and can stomach, spleen, lung, more suitable for the elderly, small rice, oatmeal is a good choice。You can also put black sesame seeds, walnuts, barley and so on in accordance with the deployment of taste, labeled as grain rice cereal for supper。
It should be noted that the elderly do not eat too much, generally seven or eight full appropriate, but do not starve, especially hypoglycemia, hypotension elderly not to be hungry, be appropriate snacks at about 16:00, eat snacks, fruit, nuts, etc.。  The initiative to communicate, the mood never grows old。
  For the elderly, should not always locked himself in the house, to be more out of the house, take part in social activities, and more and people outside the family to communicate, such as to the community, when walk in the park, take the initiative to chat with other people, so the brain can active operation, the mood will be better, to prevent depression。
The study found that family and social support, and more exchanges with friends and family, can reduce the risk of illness, contribute to longevity。
You can also develop their own hobbies, such as calligraphy, photography, travel and so on, to find the joy of life。In addition, the elderly can also do our best to help others, such as volunteer participation *** service can enhance self-esteem, helping others their own happiness。