The concept was time shares tumbled analysis: occasionally shares a "late spring" normal

  Front plate: the concept of time shares were tumbled stocks suffered a "late spring"?  Economic Daily – China Economic Net Beijing March 16 hearing on the 15th Xianyihouyang tape showing the trend in early trading after the market opened and Shenzhen stock index sideways shock, then gradually fell slightly, late one hour stock index stabilized rebound late entrepreneurship meteoric rise quickly pulled plate, both cities day received a small Yang gynecological hatched, Liangnengweisuo。 GEM retreated as scheduled, but back to explore the downside to 15 10 day moving average that is pulled up again, although the adjustment 14 of the GEM index is greater than the other, but the rebound is also the 15th largest hot spot is still focused on small and medium-invasive。
  In addition to the current strong stock Budie, the weak performance of new shares and news related to time shares yesterday suffered setbacks sector, sub-shares index intraday decline was nearly 7%, late narrowed to 4%。 Other stocks sell-off is not large disk。 Unicorn from the strong performance of technology stocks intraday point of view, the recent hot money is still very active。 Stocks in the market before the Spring Festival Yang Yuan Yuan drinks intraday trading below issue price。
  For the afternoon, analysts believe that regulatory reform and favorable industrial policies will continue to affect the A-share market trends, gradually raise the bottom of the A-share trend, is still in the spring season, the occasional "late spring" is a normal phenomenon。