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  Beijing on March 12, Cavaliers away to the Lakers。 When the end of Section II, LeBron – James sent a no-look one-handed assists, let the Staples Center exclaimed loudly。
  When carried to Section 1 minute 20 seconds left, the Knights tissue half-court, James floater ball beyond the arc, then Kyle – Kyle Korver was standing beside James, and he while moving ask for the ball。   Obviously, the Lakers defensive attention on James and Kyle Korver side, and the two large Los Lakers inside and Randall same time flew beyond the arc before Korver body。 At the same time, James would have to see the Lakers' defensive move, also seen along unguarded knight center Zizic。   As a result, James single hand-held ball, he watched Kyle Korver, with one hand while covertly pass the ball to Zizic。 Zizic day when the basket ball, surrounded by a Lakers player is his only 1 meter tall and 75 of Isiah – Thomas, but Thomas only watched Zizic dunk。   James, this no-look one-handed assists, let the Staples Center marveled loudly。 The User comments for this pass, it's really only a "show" the word!  (Rosen)。