CBA live broadcast on December 16: Jiangsu vs Guangdong online video live broadcast address _1

CBA live broadcast on December 16: Jiangsu vs Guangdong online video live broadcast address
Beijing time on December 16, 2016 at 19:35 CBA regular season Jiangsu vs Guangdong live broadcast address: Hongyuan live broadcast (PPTV webpage) Hongyuan live broadcast (PPTV player) Guangdong sports (Guangzhou without plug-in 2) Guangdong sports (GuangshiWithout plug-in) Guangdong Sports (without plug-in) Sohu Live (without plug-in) Youku Live (without plug-in) interactive graphic live score live scores of both parties The current situation: Jiangsu Kendiya challenged three foreign aid Guangzhou men’s basketball team in the last round.In the first quarter, the Jiangsu team played too much initiative, once leading the opponent by two points.But in the second quarter, facing the opponent’s three foreign aid offensive momentum, the Jiangsu team was quickly overtaken by the other side, but ended up 46-56 behind.In the third quarter, the Jiangsu team once regained its disadvantage, and the game was bound to surround the state of anxiety.In the last quarter, Yi Li, Hu Xuefeng and Brooks have made contributions, especially Brooks’ three-pointer and Hu Xuefeng’s key steals, which helped the team to achieve a difficult victory.With a final score of 102-99, Jiangsu Kendia won Guangzhou.In this game, the Jiangsu team ranked 11th with 9 wins and 8 losses.  Guangdong’s last round as a guest of Jiangsu challenged the Tongxi team, so from the perspective of shortening the transfer distance, they actually have a physical advantage over the Kendia team going south to Guangzhou.In the first three quarters, the two sides played more anxiously. The joint attack of Cunningham and Diogen made it difficult for the Guangdong team to establish a stable lead.The last piece of Boozer hit 5 consecutive jumpers, the Guangdong team opened the difference in one fell swoop.In the end, Guangdong team’s 116-97 away victory over Tongxi, after winning 12 straight victories, continued to rank second in the league.  Fighting history: The two teams have fought 61 times in history, and the Jiangsu team only got 14 wins and 47 losses.Even in the main scene against Guangdong, there are only 10 wins and 22 losses.From the second half of the 2010-11 season, Jiangsu has suffered 11 consecutive losses against Guangdong.  Forecast starters: Jiangsu: Liu Wei, Li Yuanyu, Yi Li, Brooks, Chang Yasong Guangdong: Yi Jianlian, Dong Hanlin, Zhou Peng, Yang Jinmeng, Sloan